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City Living and Learning

Located near the heart of Downtown Chicago

Kendall College is ideally situated in one of the most vibrant hospitality and business centers in the world. The city of Chicago is home to more than 7,300 restaurants, 33 of the Fortune 500 companies and world class event and convention centers. There are plenty of opportunities to intern and work in some of the world’s leading hotels, companies and restaurants.


Chicago is a popular tourist destination where students can enjoy concerts, museums, shopping and miles of beaches along the Lake Michigan. When you study at Kendall you will part of Chicago’s rich cultural and entertainment scene.



Getting Around

Getting Around Chicago

Chicago is easy to access via bus or train. See the links below for more information:

Concerts, Events and Nightlife


Chicago is famous for all different types of music. In the summer, students can attend neighborhood festivals just about every weekend.

Student Housing

Student Housing

Our student housing is located close to many forms of public transportation, enabling students to get around the city with ease.

Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

Chicago is home to several sports teams and their passionate fans. Teams such as the Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs and White Sox can be seen playing around the city during every season. Students can also participate in a variety of recreational sports teams.

Parks, Beaches and Farmers Markets


Chicago is located on Lake Michigan, making it easy for students to stroll the shoreline, play some volleyball, or bike or jog along scenic Lake Shore Drive. Check out Chicago:

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