<p>How to Apply for the English Language Institute

How to Apply for the English Language Institute


PDF Version of steps
 Click on the “Apply Now” icon 

 Click on “Create a Profile”


Provide the following information to create your profile then select “Create Profile and Continue” to the Online Application for Kendall College

a. Full Name
b. Permanent Address
c. Phone Number
d. Email address


Select English Language Institute as the school, then choose the program/time frame, then select what start date you are applying into


Fill out your information (three screens total). All fields are required unless labeled as optional

a. Personal Information
b. Academic and Employment Information
c. Review and Submit


Click “Submit Application” at the bottom of the page



The following page will lay out the “Next Steps” for completing your application

a. Placement Test
b. Housing Application
c. International Documentation


Your Advisor will personally help guide you through these steps and answer any questions you may have along the way



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Complete the form and we’ll contact you soon.