Subject Guides & Research Tips

Subject Guides
These subject guides are a starting point for your research. They will give you a jump-start to subject-specific resources in both print and online formats. Ask a Kendall librarian for additional suggestions.

Contemporary Issues
Early Childhood
Meat Topics

Research Consultations
A research consultation is a scheduled appointment where you or a small group can discuss web and library research assignments with a Kendall librarian. During the consultation, the librarian will present time-saving strategies for finding information in both print and online formats and give instruction on their use. Let a librarian suggest books, periodicals, and web sites for your next research paper, speech or project.


Citation Guides
Plagiarism is a serious offense. Your instructor will want you to give credit where credit is due. Learn the formats for citing your sources if they are in paper or from an online source. Since it's important to keep a consistent style throughout your work, cite sources for your bibliography using MLA (Modern Language Association) style or APA (American Psychological Association) style or another style approved by your instructor.

Citing Internet Sources-MLA
APA Citation Style
Citing Internet Sources-APA

Evaluating Information
Since the web is a self-publishing medium, anyone can and does publish on the web. Consequently, it's imperative to evaluate the information that you find on the web for authority, currency and relevancy. Remember that research assignments require an authoritative bibliography. Learn the criteria for evaluating web sites and how to apply evaluation techniques to a variety of websites.

Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages
How To Critically Analyze Information Sources