For the Media

Kendall College is known for academic excellence in business, culinary arts, education and hospitality management. Our faculty and administration are experts in these industries. Members of the news and other media requiring information on best practices, trends and career opportunities in any of these areas are encouraged to contact Kendall College:

Kyle Trompeter 312-752-2190

Our media kit provides background materials on Kendall College, its schools and key administrators, and is available for downloading:

Fact Sheets

Kendall College Fact Sheet

Kendall Awards & Recognition

School of Business Fact Sheet
School of Hospitality Management Fact Sheet
School of Culinary Arts Fact Sheet
School of Early Childhood Education Fact Sheet

Administrators' Bios

Emily Williams Knight
President, Kendall College

Dr. Gwen Hillesheim
Provost, Kendall College

Christopher Koetke
Vice President, Kendall College School of Culinary Arts 
Vice President, Laureate International Universities Center of Excellence in Culinary Arts

Ryan Bartelmay, Dean of General Education

Paul T. Busceni, Ed.D. Dean, School of Education

Susan Tinnish, Ph.D, Dean, School of Hospitality Management

Renee Zonka, Dean, School of Culinary Arts