Student Handbook

The student handbook is a source of useful information and a collection of the rules and policies we live by at Kendall.

Kendall College Student Handbook and Academic Catalog are available for download here.

Complaint and Grievance Policy
A Kendall College student or parent may feel the need to lodge a formal complaint with the College they wish to have adjudicated.
To be considered a formal complaint, the complaint must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be Written;
  2. Received as a hard copy to the Office of the Dean of Students (electronic submissions cannot be accepted); and
  3. Include a wet (original) signature.

All formal complaints will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and sent to appropriate parties within the College.  All formal complaints will be responded to by written answer to the complaining party within 72 business hours.  If the complaint shall take longer to answer, a written timeline will be sent to the complaining party within 72 hours of receipt of the complaint.  All answers shall be deemed final and shall have no appeal process.

All formal complaints will be maintained within the Office of the Dean of Students.

This Student Complaint Policy is not a substitute for the more specific grievance and appeal processes contained in the Academic Grievance Procedure, the Appeal Process under the Code of Academic Integrity, or the Student Judicial Policies and Procedures.  Please refer to those sections in this handbook for more information.

Please note:
The Student Handbook is not to be regarded as a contract between the students and the College. Kendall College reserves the right to alter any policies, programs, facilities and fees described in the document without notice or obligation.