Social Media Policy

Kendall College Social Media Policy

Effective April 7, 2014

Kendall College acknowledges the pervasiveness of use of social media sites within modern society.
Kendall College realizes that many members of its community, including faculty, staff, and students; rely and use social media to network themselves as well as to communicate and maintain relationships with family and friends. Kendall Colleges encourages the use of social media for these tasks. However, the inappropriate use of social media postings is not acceptable for any member of the Kendall College Community.

Kendall College expects members of its community to conduct themselves in a professional manner when engaged in any form of communication, including the use of social media. Examples of the inappropriate use of social media include the following: the use of inflammatory, vulgar or obscene language; language that constitutes harassment, threats or bullying ; the use of defamatory language; language encouraging or inciting illegal behavior; and language that otherwise constitutes a violation of College rules and regulations including the Student Standards of Conduct .

Kendall College has a responsibility to request and expect professional and civil behavior by the members of its community. The College may at times monitor social media sites. Violation of the Kendall College Social Media Policy is a Level 4 offense that may result in sanctions including expulsion.