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Cooking Classes

Advanced Cooking Classes

Advanced level cooking classes are for the Home Chef extraordinaire. These bootcamp classes involve complex cooking skills including fruit and vegetable carving, international cuisine flavoring and intricate baking and pastry projects. You can choose from classes such as Surf ‘n’ Turf, Sophisticated Sauces and Whole Grains. Basic knife skills are required for anyone taking an advanced class.



Edible Art Boot Camp: Holiday Edition

Learn to make decorative displays and platters using fresh fruits, vegetables and cheeses. This is perfect for holiday centerpieces and brightening up any party dish. Be the superstar at your next family event! We strongly suggest Knife Skills as an...

Sat. Nov 22, 2014




Advanced Knife Skills

This class continues to build upon the fundamentals learned in Basic Knife Skills. You will move on to more advanced skills with the use of other knives. The techniques taught by our professional chefs will build your cooking repertoire by...

Sun. Dec 7, 2014




Chocolates, Truffles and Candies

Chocolate is one of those little indulgences you love to love. Whether it's a holiday, party, birthday or apology, chocolates can be the difference between boring and exciting. In this class you'll learn the techniques to make a whole goodie...

Sat. Jan 31, 2015



Kendall College
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