Financial Aid Responsibilities

Kendall College financial aid recipients have the following responsibilities:

  • Be admitted by the Office of Admissions to a course of study leading to a degree.  
  • Provide all documentation as requested by the Financial Aid Office. All requested verification or confirmation documents (such as signed copies of tax returns transcripts or proof of citizenship) must be provided before Kendall College will finalize the awards. Failure to provide timely documentation may jeopardize the your ability to start the next term (unless cash payment is made) or to have access to limited financial aid funds. 
  • While the intent is to complete all documentation in time to receive financial aid disbursements for the immediate term, all Federally-required documentation must be completed no later than the Secretary of Education’s published deadline, usually mid-September following each award year. 
  • Report to the Financial Aid Office any additional resources such as scholarships, tuition waivers, and funding from outside agencies, etc.
  • Confirm the awarded loan amounts thorugh the myFinAid portal.  
  • Immediately inform Kendall College of any address changes.
  • Federal student loan applicants must complete Loan Entrance Counseling as requested, and Loan Exit Counseling upon graduation, withdrawal, or enrollment in fewer than six credits for a term.