Award Letter

When all necessary documents have been received, the Financial Aid Advisor will prepare an award letter using the most beneficial package of available funds for which the student is eligible.

The award letter detailing specific awards and amounts for each term in the academic year is sent to the student with enclosures of additional forms and information pertinent to the awards. The student must review the letter and either accept or decline the award(s). Student loans and most other aid will not be certified until a signed award letter accepting the awards is returned to the Financial Aid Office.

The Master Promissory Note must be signed electronically or signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office for either Stafford or Plus Loan.

Students and parents may obtain additional federal loan funds without having to sign a new Master Promissory Note for each academic year or period of enrollment. However, Kendall College requires active confirmation of subsequent loan amounts, which means the College must receive written confirmation of the new loan amount before proceeding to certify the loans.