Payment Policies

  1. Before you make your payment, please review your student statement to ensure all charges have been placed on your account. This includes the correct tuition amount, housing, meal plan, and appropriate fees.
  2. Payments may be made with cash on campus, check or credit card thru your student portal
  3. Your balance will consist of all current changes minus only the guaranteed and finalized financial aid. If part of your financial aid package is “pending” at the time of payment, you will still be required to make payment on the current balance. Please note that if your Financial Aid includes loans, the bank fees should be deducted from each loan disbursement.
  4. Payment dates are final. If you have not received your bill/student statement for the current term, it is your responsibility to contact the Business Office to inquire about the amount of your current balance or to request a student statement.
  5. Late Payment Fees - 5% of the installment amount but not more than $10 will be assessed by Sallie Mae on the 11th day after the payment is due for all late payments.
  6. Students have the option of increasing the payment amount if the current balance increases due to additional charges.
  7. The payment plan option will not be available after the open enrollment period has closed for the quarter, therefore you will be required to make the payment in full for the current quarter. New students can visit the Business Office if they register after the open enrollment period.
  8. If you need further assistance or clarification with regards to payment policies  please contact the Business Office.