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Kendall College is a diverse community that welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, ages, nationalities, and statuses. The Diversity and Inclusion Group was formed by faculty and staff members in Fall 2017 to celebrate our college’s diversity and foster an inclusive campus community for all.

Mission Statement

The Diversity and Inclusion Group (D.I.G.) aims to advance socially-just learning and working environments that foster a culture of awareness through diverse people, ideas, and perspectives. The D.I.G. will engage the Kendall College community with initiatives and sustainable programming to help foster mindful awareness and understanding of key topics such as diversity, sensitivity, and inclusion issues that are present on campus, the Chicagoland area, and the world at large.

Diversity and Inclusion Group Photo


  • René Gosch, Senior Coordinator, Office of International Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Tanner Strong, Student Life Coordinator (Co-chair)
  • Ariel Ropp, Academic Advisor (Marketing Liaison)
  • Elijah Greiser, Human Resources Coordinator (Engagement Committee Liaison)
  • Valerie Beck, Business Instructor (Faculty Liaison)
  • Beau Golwitzer, Instructor (Faculty Senate Liaison)
  • Rhode Saint-Fleurose, Student Housing Coordinator (Student Services Liaison)
  • Jenna Giles, Graphic Design Manager (Graphic Designer)
  • Crystal Kaminski, Senior Human Resources Manager
  • Larry Perkins, Assistant Professor
  • Luke Daly, Director, Laureate English Program
  • Sapna Mangal, Associate Professor
  • Diane Williams, Contributing Faculty

Recent and upcoming projects

  • Safe zone and ally trainings for faculty/staff – November 2017 & February 2018
  • Supporting international students workshops for faculty/staff – November 2017 & February 2018
  • Diversity/inclusion training for student leaders – January 2018
  • Microaggressions and inclusive language training for faculty/staff – March 2018


Check out our diversity and inclusion resources in the Diversity LibGuide.


Interested in learning more about DIG or getting involved with our initiatives? Please send your questions, comments, and ideas to

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