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Leigh Uhlir Joins Faculty of Kendall College School of Hospitality Management


CHICAGO—February 21, 2016—The Kendall College School of Hospitality Management is proud to announce that Leigh Uhlir, a hospitality educator with more than 25 years of industry experience, has joined its full-time faculty, effective March 2016. Uhlir, previously a core contributing faculty member at Kendall, has developed courses and training programs based on her professional experience at some of the nation’s leading hospitality companies and restaurants.

Culinary students say Chicago is a great place to go to school


By Elizabeth Matthews, CHICAGO (Fox 32 News- ChicaFox32go strengthened its claim as the food capital of America this week when 27 local restaurants and chefs were announced as James Beard Award semi-finalists. That's the biggest award there is in the food industry. Out of 20,000 entries, there are 27 Chicago semi-finalists from best chef to outstanding baker. “Chicago has become the center of culinary excellence around the country, around the world,” said Chris Koetke, who's a chef and the vice president of the culinary school at Kendall College. Culinary students say it's the diversity that makes Chicago such a great place to go to school. Watch the full segment on Fox 32 News!

Where Chefs Get their Start: A Look at Education in Chicago’s Growing Culinary Scene


Now.ChicagoBy Katie Kijowski, CHICAGO (Now.Chicago on WCIU) - A spotlight on quality culinary education in Chicago's "ever growing culinary scene "where many chefs get their start." Hear from Kendall College's Chef Dina Altieri, dean of the School of Culinary Arts, and Kristen Hodges, director of career services, on the topic of culinary education. Watch the full segment on WCUI!

The Next Craze After Cupcakes And Cake Pops: Predicting 2016’s Dessert Fads with Chef Melina Kelson


960x0By contributor Geoff Williams:  "What will be the dessert craze in 2016 that everyone will be raving about? I asked around and came away with some interesting and potentially delicious answers."  Read on to learn from Kendall's own Chef Melina Kelson.

Kendall College Selected as Exclusive U.S. Provider of China’s New Professional Training Program for Attracting and Retaining Chinese Consumers and Tourists


CHICAGO—Dec. 8, 2015–Kendall College, ranked the number one program in Chicago for preparing students for careers in hospitality management by Chicago’s leading hotels (TNS Global Survey, 2013), has been selected as the exclusive U.S. provider of continuing education for a new Chinese government and industry-endorsed professional training program offered to organizations in the hospitality, retail and tourism industries.  The program, China Ready, prepares businesses and individuals for the opportunities and challenges of engaging with China and the Chinese consumer through a curriculum of 12 core learning modules taught by Kendall College and a globally recognized certification.

Kendall College Debuts 2016 Food and Beverage Trends for the Foodie Generation


kc_logo_2clr_pmsCHICAGO—Nov. 2, 2015 –Kendall College, Chicago’s top ranked culinary and hospitality school is unveiling its predictions for 2016 Food and Beverage Trends for America’s tastemakers – millennials. This generation considers food as social currency – whether they want to be the first to discover the “next cronut” or tout their cooking chops by experimenting with a new global cuisine or cooking technique. To help these trendsetters, distinguished Kendall culinary and hospitality faculty analyzed industry and global insights to cook up the five biggest trends they anticipate seeing in 2016.

Kendall College Celebrates 30 Years Educating Culinary Students


30th_anniversary_CULCHICAGO—October 1, 2015—This October, Kendall College celebrates the 30th anniversary of its distinguished culinary arts program.  Established in 1985, the School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College is one of the nation’s premier programs for students passionate about careers in the culinary arts.  Offering students a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts, an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, and an Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry, Kendall College is ranked the number one program in Chicago for preparing students for careers in culinary arts by Chicago Michelin Guide restaurants (TNS Global Survey, 2013). Not only is Chicago a top travel destination and cultural center, it is also the home to more than 7,000 restaurants.

Kendall College Welcomes Agueda Benito as New Provost


Agueda-BenitoCHICAGO—August 24, 2015—Kendall College is proud to announce the appointment of Agueda Benito as provost of the institution, effective immediately.  Benito joins the Kendall College team with more than 20 years of professional experience in higher education and academic administration in which she has been an advocate and facilitator of an innovative, student-centered model of education.  As provost, Benito will fill the role of chief academic officer and oversee academic policies and practices of Kendall College, with direct oversight of its academic programs.

Culinary Arts Instructor, Melina Kelson, Featured on The Baking Channel


Melina Kelson, Instructor at Kendall College and Certified Master Baker, demonstrates dough development for the honey oatmeal batard on The Baking Channel by Bake Magazine. Source:

Where have all the cooks gone?


Within the tight network of Chicago restaurateurs exists a pervasive problem invisible to most diners. You hear it in anecdotal evidence shared among chefs, seemingly with increased frequency. Here’s one: A few weeks back, One Off Hospitality chef Paul Kahan ran into fellow chef Chris Pandel in the Fulton Market district. Pandel — of The Bristol and Balena — was hosting an open call for cooking positions at Armour & Swift, his forthcoming steakhouse inside the new Google building. That day, Pandel collected 12 resumes, 10 from promising candidates. “It’s more than I thought,” he said. “Five years ago, I probably could have counted on 30 to 40.” Source: Chicago Tribune

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