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Kendall College cultivates students’ passions into rewarding professions through exemplary service and rigorous learning experiences in the classroom, local communities and the world.

Kendall College Values:

  • Quality: We fully embrace the quality concepts of institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement, especially for the learning outcomes for students, and teaching quality of the faculty.
  • Service: We believe all our constituencies including students, alumni, advisory boards, clients, Laureate partners, international partners, staff and faculty deserve the highest level of service from every department.
  • Community: Being a member of the Kendall Community means exhibiting high levels of engagement, the commitment to make a contribution and accepting the charge to both be accountable and to hold others accountable.
  • Financial Sustainability: We are committed to making thoughtful, data-based decisions in support of our Mission while continually reviewing our academic products and services to ensure their fiscal viability.
Kendall College
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