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Inside Kendall

10 Ways to Make the Most of Being a Business student at Kendall

Tyanté Horton is a current business student at Kendall College, graduating this quarter. She will be receiving a BA in Business Management. As a business student, student ambassador and member of Alpha Chi, a National College Honor Society, Tyanté has made the most of her time on campus and shares her advice with current students or anyone wishing to pursue a degree in business.

1.    Have integrity and a great attitude.
To have integrity means to “do the right thing when no one’s looking” and will greatly convey the type of person you are to everyone you encounter. By having a great attitude, your energy will resonate everywhere you go.

2.    Prioritize your life.
With self-discipline, prioritizing will become easy as you’ll begin to make decisions that will lead you in the direction of success.

3.    Set goals for yourself.
Your personal, professional and academic goals will drive you towards success and transform your character favorably.

4.    Become passionate.
There is a popular phrase that says “if you’re not doing what you love, then you are wasting your time.” Hence, without passion driving you forward in life, you’re wasting your time.

5.    Dream big.
Set high but realistic goals for yourself. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself as doing so will enable you to become the greatest you. Live and breathe your dreams and you’ll notice your life change positively.

6.    Stay focused.
Your ultimate personal, professional and academic goals should always be considered as their attainment will change your life, for the better, forever.

7.    Stay committed.
Commit to your goals and you’ll become more passionate about them every day.

8.    Change your surroundings.
Naturally, as your personal, professional and academic goals change, so will the people around you. As you move in an upward trajectory in life, it’s imperative to surround yourself with like-minded individuals; they’ll be able to relate to and support you as you make your new transition(s) in life.

9.    Always self-reflect and self-help.
In order to measure your personal, professional and academic progress, it’s paramount for you to self-reflect. By self-reflecting, you gain insight on the areas you need to improve in and/or focus on more. The areas you need assistance and/or improvement in will require self-help. Self-help is always ideal as initiative is taken and proves a person is willing to change their life.

10.    Learn when to relax.
As you commit to your ultimate personal, professional and academic goals, you may forget to relax, which I have done and can attest to. Be sure to set aside time for yourself where you are not immersed in your goals but, instead, are enjoying life. However, until you’ve reached your ultimate goals, try not to relax too much!

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