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Inside Kendall

Students find success at the John A. Miller Academic Success Center

Students pursuing degrees in business, culinary arts, baking and pastry, early childhood education or hospitality management are asked to complete rigorous courses across several disciplines. Many students take advantage of the on-campus tutoring and support at the Academic Success Center (ASC).

“The ASC is an important piece in helping student achievement here at Kendall,” says Jim Morski, Assistant Professor, General Education “I frequently refer students to get additional tutoring and homework help, and there seems to be a positive correlation for students that seek out additional help and their overall success in the class.  …I am very happy in the role it plays here at [Kendall College.]”

Students at Kendall College receive free academic tutoring on a variety of subjects ranging from recipe costing and statistics to Spanish and Integrative Studies. In addition, online services are available for all tutoring for culinary arts, baking and pastry, math, writing, hotel class, statistics

“The ASC assists any and all students with academic support,” says Erin Shelley, ASC Director. “Any academic assistance is provided, as long as students seek help and makes regular appointments, or see us during our drop-in hours. We’re so proud of the feedback we receive from students and faculty.”

Students provide a variety of feedback about their experience at the ASC, but one thing remains the same: their gratitude and willingness to recommend the ASC to fellow students.

A rigorous curriculum can at times be overwhelming not just due to work assignments, and as one student said, “I feel that the academic success center really helped me out a lot mentally as well as emotionally.”

Another student was impressed with the ASC tutors understanding of their specific course. “I really enjoyed the members of the ASC. They helped me throughout the progression of the class. They also were very knowledgeable about the course material.”

Some students said his “hatred” of Math was only overcome through working with the ASC. “I don’t think if it weren’t for Will I would have overcome my hatred of Math. He takes his time and explains things literally, tiny step by tiny step.”

“The ASC is an amazing resource for students in my English courses,” shared Randi Russert, Assistant Professor, General Education. “I have seen time and again the improvement students make in their writing after visits to the ASC.”

Contact the ASC via email or phone 312-752-2376.

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