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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Charitable Trust and Alumni Association Host “Oktoberfest”

Local beer and sausage brought Kendall alumni and friends of the Kendall College Charitable Trust (KCCT) to “Oktoberfest” on October 5, 2013.kendall college alumni association kcct chicago

“It was a delicious and fun afternoon in support of a new alumni-named scholarship with the KCCT,” said Marguerite Allegretti of the Alumni Relations Office. “We’re so proud that we raised nearly $1,500 to support Kendall students.”

5 Rabbit Cerveceria, Forbidden Root, and Goose Island provided beer that was paired with hand crafted sausages and charcuterie plates from Chef Scott Walton of Howells & Hood. “It was a fun experience to sample the pairings. The lobster sausage was outstanding and it was interesting to see how the craft beer and sausage complimented each other,” said Valerie Vasquez, School of Education Licensure Officer and KCCT supporter.

kendall college alumni association kcct charitable trust foundation chicagoGuests sampled six different beers; Sofie and Matilda from Goose Island, 5 Grass and 5 Vulture from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria, and Sublime Ginger and Shady Character from Forbidden Root. “Trying the different local beers was a great way to see how creative the craft beer process can be. It was also a fun way to network with fellow alumni and KCCT supporters while supporting future Kendall students” said Jaime Mestan, Alumni Association Board member.

Oktoberfest was the second alumni event of 2013. The Kendall College Alumni Association Board will be hosting the Winter Alumni Celebration on December 5, 2013 at Kendall College from 6-9pm.

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