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Inside Kendall

Where are they now? Hospitality Management Alumni Spotlight

Prasad Vichare (’11 Hospitality Management) is proud to be working in the Hospitality field for the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. He graduated with concentrations in Hotel Management and Real Estate Finance, which prepared him well to be the Revenue Optimization Global Analysis Manager. The Kendall College Alumni Association recently caught up with Prasad to talk about his time at Kendall, where he hopes to be in the future, and his valuable advice for students hoping to enter the hospitality industry.

Kendall College Alumni Association: You are currently the Revenue Optimization Global Analysis Manager for the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. What’s your favorite thing about your job and working in the hospitality industry?

Prasad Vichare: The creative and mental challenges are my favorite aspect about the industry. The daily projects and the work that challenge me to think out of the box and contribute to the company’s top-line or bottom-line is enough adrenaline for me to keep going everyday and stay inspired.

KCAA: There are so many exciting possibilities in the hospitality industry, and in many locations, the hospitality industry is really booming. Where do you hope to be in your career in the future?

PV: I plan to be involved in the industry in some way or another in the next 10-15 years. But my ultimate, focused goal is to become a subject matter expert and a leader in revenue management systems and pricing segment.

KCAA: What’s your advice for current students hoping to enter the hospitality industry?

PV: There is so much I could share with students motivated and excited to join the industry, but here are four pieces of advice that have served me well in my career so far.

  1. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn constantly, not only within the parameters of an educational institution but also on the job and in daily life.
  2. If you want to grow vertically or horizontally in any organization be willing to take responsibilities early on in your career.
  3. Always keep innovating in daily work activities; it helps keep your job fresh and exciting.
  4. Lastly, collaborate with your colleagues or team members in everything you do. This industry is focused on team effort. Aside from service there are various internal and external stakeholders involved in almost every project. To satisfy everyone’s needs, you need collaboration, ideas and efforts from your colleagues as well as yourself.

KCAA: We love hearing from our fantastic alumni currently living and working around the United States and the world. Getting back to basics, what made you choose to attend Kendall College to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management?

PV: The international, domestic and local reach of Kendall in terms of industry associations is incredible. The hospitality program is second to none in the country if compared to Ivy League hotel schools. Professors are subject matter experts in their related field. These factors made me choose Kendall.

KCAA: What a great answer! We are so proud of our program and our faculty. How did your experience at Kendall prepare you for your current position?

PV: The program covered topics current in the industry, which helped me keep well informed of the trends and goings on in the market. Professors not only kept the classes interesting with the books and material but also shared their professional experiences during classes to help students comprehend the practical applications of the topics.

Learn more about the School of Hospitality Management and concentrations in Sustainability Management, Beverage Management, Sports Management and more on the Kendall website.

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