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Inside Kendall

Top 3 Ways To Succeed in the Baking & Pastry Program by student Ashlee Snodgrass

The fall quarter just started and new and continuing students are working hard on campus every day to complete their programs and take steps toward their dream careers! Baking and Pastry student, Ashlee Snodgrass, is a student ambassador and presidential scholar. After graduation next spring, she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and work in a bakery. Her ultimate dream is to own her own bakery.

“I think Kendall is such a great school that prepares students to be knowledgeable, organized, sufficient, and professional as a pastry chef,” says Ashlee. “ I think the program is phenomenal. So many aspects of baking and pastry are taught and executed.”

However, she says, in order to get your time and money’s worth, there are 3 things Ashlee recommends students do to succeed:

1.    The most important key to success is to take detailed notes and do all of your reading assignments. Taking the time to be thorough will help you be prepared for class with a better understanding of what you’re learning. Anything a chef says during a lecture: write it down! Their words are wise! After school, you will remember those helpful and knowledgeable tips. And you’ll have a written record of everything you learned.

2.    One of the obvious steps to succeeding is to practice, practice, practice! As you go through school you will learn many techniques and have lots of information to commit to memory. The more you practice, the better you will be at executing and remembering what you have learned. Take advantage of tutoring sessions whenever possible through the Academic Success Center on campus. You’ll get to use free materials and equipment. Hello good opportunity!

3.    Lastly, find a way to get involved with the industry. (Ashlee was an intern at Magnolia Bakery!) Whether it is going to a farmer’s market to learn more about what is in season, or volunteering for culinary events, you will learn so much and possibly discover even more passion for what you’re doing. Or, explore the city for unique restaurants and bakeries to see what is trending in the city. You can also find out about current culinary trends by reading magazines from Kendall’s library.

Ashlee’s final advice would work for many students: “Have fun with what you’re learning, stay positive, and take on the challenges! Try to have a fun and great year!“

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