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New Year’s Resolution: Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own BossWe’re all familiar with the expression “new year, new you,” but how many of us take the time to transform our life by undertaking new challenges when the new year rolls around? Resolutions such as cutting out soda is great, but this year consider making a resolution that can bring you unmatched fulfillment. Make a resolution to be your own boss.

As an employee at a business, even one that you love, you will have limited control over your daily tasks and projects. Your role won’t evolve along with the industry, and someone else will determine your pay.

Of course, there are many benefits to being an employee:

  • Health insurance provided by your employer
  • A set salary
  • Predictable work hours

However, for those that have the ambition, going into business for oneself will offer a myriad of comparable benefits along with the ability to control one’s own future and development path.

As your own boss you can expect:

  • A Life of Passion. Entrepreneurs and business owners will tell you that the hours they spend “working” don’t feel like work because, as a business owner, you’re building something you’re truly passionate about. When your product or service begins to impact the market you’ll be leaving your personal stamp on the world, changing it for the better. Why not spend every day doing what you love?
  • Complete Control. When you own your own business you determine the clients you work with, the products you make, and the direction of your own brand: every decision is your own. It’s a lot of added responsibility, but it also means that your days are spent creating the exact thing you envision. You’ll never spend a day thinking, “If I toil a little longer in this position I’ll finally be able to do what I want.”
  • Rewarding Work. Every day brings a new challenge or task as your own boss, and you’ll never be stuck in a rut completing the same few actions or projects over and over. Whether giving a presentation, creating a new product, or fine-tuning a service for your clients, you’ll look forward to the rewarding work you’ll tackle as your own boss.

You can’t become your own boss overnight – new businesses require capital, a sound business plan, and a way to hook customers and investors alike. If you have an idea for a business but are worried about floundering in the beginning stages simply take advantage of the resources we offer at Kendall College.

Bring your business to life by getting involved in Kendall College’s Business Incubator program. The Business Incubator is a collaborative workspace that fosters creativity and innovation. As a Kendall College student, you will be able to run free workshops, film promotional videos, discuss your ideas with Chicago professionals, and present your plan for angel investors. Apply to the Kendall College Business Program today: as a student you’ll have access to great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs like our Business Incubator.

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