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Inside Kendall

Blog Day 8 and 9: Firenze

This blog post was authored by Kendall College student Kim Haines

Last night we roamed around the city of Firenze (Florence). We crossed the river, into the center of the town where the city comes alive at night. Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Ferragamo, Oh my! An Italian Harpo Marx performed in the streets. Were we about to get pick pocketed at this distraction? If not for nothing, we were all incredibly prepared when it came to the gypsies of Italy. The gypsies come from Romania and Serbia, and are highly trained and skilled to target tourists and completely remove valuable belongings without you even knowing it. Luckily, this did not happen to anyone on the trip.



We started off today with a bang as we had a tour of Florence that began at 9:00am! This was exciting for some of us that value our sleep and were able to sleep in a few extra hours…or at least tried. The cappuccino in Florence was pretty strong. Note for next time: do not consume 2 cups or more of cappuccino before bed.

Scenery3 (3)

“Guys!” said Eitan, “this is your tour guide.” A snazzy German fellow in a panama hat would show us around this luxurious city for the next three hours.



Scenery2 (2)


Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and it is of the province of Florence. It is the most populous city in Tuscany and holds within 370,000 inhabitants. Florence is famous for its history. It is the center of medieval European trade and is considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. In addition, Florence is also the center of finance. Because of this, it is one of the wealthiest cities of its time.



The city contains numerous museums and art galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti. It still employs an influence in the fields of art, culture, and politics. It is also an important city in Italian fashion, perhaps this is why I loved it so much.


Food 2

We said our goodbyes to Eitan and Clarice and now it was off to Rome for a six hour bus ride. But with the way Marco drove, we ended up shaving off two hours of that long journey. Thank you Eitan and Clarice for all of you knowledge and leadership along the way. We can truly call you our friends. Thank you for protecting us and watching over us throughout the entirety of our European vacation. We truly love you.


All roads lead to Rome! We picked up Aurore and Adriano along the way. The roads in Rome are narrow and virtually impossible for a large car to drive through, let alone a bus, so you can imagine the despair when Marco tried to attempt this. We became stuck on a road that was surrounded by cars on each side of the street. I looked outside of the bus and there were many Italian men swinging their fingers at Marco, telling him to stop and that he could not go through. What do we do now? What I am about to tell you will blow your mind. After arguing for a good ten minutes in italian and a few bathroom breaks later,
the whole town literally moved mountains for us. You know those Italian movies where everyone in the village comes together to help someone? Well, these situations truly exist. The Italian men of this town were literally picking up fiats and other cars and moving them out of the way so Marco could get the bus through the streets. I have never seen anything like this.


We arrived to Hotel Kaire in Rome, which turned out to be a compound. They assigned us to our dorm rooms and off we were to bed to later wake up to our last day in Italy. Roma, here we come!


Wish you were here!

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