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Inside Kendall

Emphasizing Luxury with Every Encounter


Walking into Le Beau Maroc in Miami, Florida, guests are immediately transported to Morocco—the store is an immersion in fine clothing, jewelry, and rejuvenating Argan and Prickly Pear oils. The boutique is known for its caftans, which appeal to wasmaa-portraitomen who have adapted to the city’s warm air—and have high expectations for fashi

The brainchild of Asmaa Benkirane, who was born and raised in Morocco, the boutique is an escape that translates luxury. Here, the 2011 Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management graduate shares advice to inspire future entrepreneurs:

Constantly channel your creativity. “I always make sure that my products are one of a kind to make my store special,” she explains. “I change my store front every week and make it attractive, which generates a lot of foot traffic.”

Be your own brand ambassador. Whether it’s a chasmaa-benkirane-storearity event, a regular presence on social media, emails to loyal customers, or trunk shows, Benkirane makes a point to market her business effectively—and from all angles.

Surround yourself with successful business people. “I started my business when I was only 28. We have so much to learn from them, especially as young entrepreneurs,” she says. “And as a foreigner I’ve realized that to have a successful business, networking is key.”

Benkirane says the classes she took as a student at Kendall, from accounting and finances to marketing and leadership, taught her how to run a successful business and stresses what an important role hospitality plays when running a retail business. “My advice is to leave your footprint at every encounter with a customer,” she explains. “People never forget it. One customer from Argentina was so pleased that she sends her girlfriends to my store and always has me make special gowns for her upcoming events.”

What’s next? “I am seriously considering expanding my business by opening shops in other cities,” she shares.

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