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Inside Kendall

Kate Martsul: How to Succeed as a Student at Kendall

martsul-kate-resizeA few years ago as a tourist in Washington, D.C., Ekaterina “Kate” Martsul, who is from Russia, met a Kendall student who raved about its programs. After researching where she wanted to attend school, Kate realized Kendall was exactly what she was searching for: “a highly professional college with a lot of industry connections.”

Not only did she complete her degree in Hospitality Management last year, she’s now working on her Bachelor of Arts in Business. Today, she shares advice to help all prospective and current students make the most of their time at Kendall:

Apply for scholarships. “Apply to every single scholarship out there. Do not let an idea of your application rejection stop you,” she advises. “If you never apply, it is an automatic no. Good luck!” Learn more about scholarships and tuition assistance at Kendall.

Get involved in student life! “These activities are great opportunities to find new friends from all over the world,” she explains. “Through these events, you’ll also learn about new services and opportunities at Kendall.”

Do not hesitate to ask for help. “Our instructors are here for you. Being industry leaders themselves, they understand the importance of networking and precise learning,” Martsul says. “If you ever have any question regarding the material that you do not understand, just set up an appointment with any instructor and he or she would be more than happy to explain it to you.”

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