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Inside Kendall

Educating the Next Generation of Culinary Entrepreneurs

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President

Colleges play a pivotal role in helping students create and launch businesses. That’s why I am so proud to share that Kendall now offers a Culinary Entrepreneurship concentration in our bachelor’s in business program.

This is another opportunity to help our students learn the skills they need to launch and run viable businesses, from restaurants and food trucks to catering companies and chocolatiers. The concentration will include everything from learning how to finance a businesses to developing a strong peer network.

These skills also translate to a much wider audience within our student body. Even if a student doesn’t plan to become an entrepreneur, the skills they learn in this concentration can be used at a startup, a small business, or any other innovative company that requires self-identified solutions mixed with a culture of collaboration.

It will also better prepare our students, particularly chefs, by helping them learn and develop business acumen so they understand what it takes to run a business.

Every detail matters. That’s why Kendall is extraordinarily focused on creating an innovative, collaborative environment to help our students launch successful businesses.

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