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Inside Kendall

Shaking Up the Industry as a Sommelier

In the competitive world of food and beverage, setting yourself apart in the hiring pool is vital. Why not do that by becoming the wine expert who has the confidence to take control of the beverage menu by pairing those beverages successfully with the food options? One way to do that isDSC_52381 by specializing your skills and your knowledge of wine by becoming a sommelier.

What is a sommelier? A sommelier is a service professional who maintains a specialized knowledge of wine (and other beverages), wine service, and pairing of food to enhance a customer’s overall dining experience. Sommeliers find many positions within restaurants, hotels and cruise ships. In restaurants, sommeliers often use their skills to bridge food and beverages to create memorable pairings that improve guests’ dining experiences. Sommeliers’ expertise is also valuable to importers, wholesalers and fine wine merchants. In addition, sommeliers are often hired by wineries to help oversee and curate a visiting guest in their tasting rooms throughout the famous wine producing regions around the world.

Kendall College’s School of Hospitality Management offers you the opportunity to earn the Le Vin Gourmand (LVG) Sommelier certifications. The LVG Level I – Sommelier certificate addresses the fundamentals of wine; it also covers extensive food and wine pairing, beer, spirits, tea, coffee, cider and sake. The certificate tests your knowledge of wine service, sensory analysis, viticulture, enology and more. It’s an opportunity to add a credential to your résumé and set yourself apart. Students can also go onto earn a Level II – Sommelier certificate that focuses on key wine producing countries in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Kendall College also allows industry professionals and wine enthusiasts to earn Sommelier certifications through our Wine Professional (WP) program. This professional development opportunity allows you to work toward a Sommelier certification through a series of accelerated sessions. The program is a part of our TASTE portfolio, which offers non-degree seeking professionals the opportunity to explore food, beverage and many other industry topics. Learn more about our Sommelier program.

All in all, a sommelier certification is a great way to expand your skill set, bolster your résumé, and enhance your food and beverage experience.

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