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Inside Kendall

Announcing the Summer President’s Scholarship Recipients

This year’s the summer President’s Scholarship winners are already on campus to fulfill their educational dreams. Here, they share what lead them to Kendall College.


Olivia Hilty

Antich, IL

B.A. Early Childhood Education

“I originally came to America as an au pair for a family whose son has autism. Now as a registered behavior technician, I provide in-home applied behavior analysis therapy to children with autism. When you consider that children in many programs and schools are being taught in inclusion settings, the importance of teachers with a deeper understanding of special education is undeniable.

“Through my work, now I am learning how to support children by using certain theories and practices. I am currently also able to help families, and hope to learn more about how to support and help them. My experiences have made me very passionate about including and supporting all children, and doing all that I can to help children of all abilities and backgrounds feel welcomed and supported.

“Last December I completed my associate’s degree at the College of Lake County with my emphasis on early childhood education. As my time at community college came to an end, I started to contemplate if, when and where I would continue my studies to complete a bachelor’s degree. Kendall College came out as my top choice because the degree offered me the most flexibility.

“Because of my commitment to teaching young children, I know I will do whatever it takes to be successful in the program at Kendall. I want to be the type of teacher who is able to instill a sense of accomplishment and achievement in learners of all ability levels, year after year, in every teaching position I find myself in. My ultimate goal is to teach in a classroom or perhaps own an in-home or off-site child care program. Until then, I want to learn as much as I can and Kendall will help me do that in a way that fits my lifestyle.”


Netra Dhuru

Mumbai, India

B.A. Culinary Arts

“My interest for food developed so gradually that I never realized. I would make cakes and many other things. Most of them would be failures, but I enjoyed cooking. Once, I had decided to make brownies for my friends. I had taken a lot of time to make them, but I ended up burning them. I was embarrassed, but something very surprising happened: all of my friends ate them despite how they tasted. I didn’t understand why they ate them. When I asked them, they said that I made the brownies especially for them and they respected my efforts. I felt encouraged by this support.

“After this, I started making things much more frequently. Meanwhile, there was pressure to study. I wanted to do well no matter what happened. Competition was very high where I grew up. The competition helped me do well on my exams. My parents always wanted me to become a doctor but that wasn’t my vision. It isn’t easy to convince your parents of a change like this, but if you know and believe that you are all in for it then you can convince them.

“Education is much more than what you learn from books. When making a particular dish, you simply follow a recipe, but many times you fail even when you followed the recipe word by word. This is because you never understood it, education is similar in that if you don’t understand something and just “learn” it, you end up not succeeding. My story with studies wasn’t always on the best page now that I look at myself, I realize I have come a long way. I knew if I struggle with something, I can work to get it right.

“My experiences taught me that success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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