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Inside Kendall

Building Industry Knowledge and Relationships

DSC_3192It’s a far cry from online shopping: Vendor fairs give students the opportunity to learn about the products they will use throughout their professional lives, test drive everything from knives to single-origin chocolates, and talk to representatives about the value of a particular product first hand.

In February, more than 200 students participated in Kendall’s first annual Vendor Fair and Reception. As they walked around the room, they networked with professionals and alumni who were among more than 20 vendors on site. Businesses included Wusthof, US Foods, and Local Foods, Chicago’s premier local food hub, exposing students to a variety of manufacturers and businesses they will have the opportunity to work with after graduation.

DSC_3281The fair included hands-on demonstrations, samples, and presentations. Best of all, students were able to speak to each representative to ask questions and learn about the products.

“The tools you use as a student frequently end up being your tools of choice when you are a professional,” shares Kimberly Shambrook, Kendall’s interim president. “This fair is a great way our college can help to expose our students to the industry and broaden their networks.”

Students who attended were also entered into a raffle, which included a $1,500 scholarship from the Kendall College Trust, gift cards, and a host of value products to help students practice the craft of culinary arts.

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