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Inside Kendall

Business Class Raises more than $500 for Children’s Memorial Hospital Foundation

By School of Business student Marissa Ochoa

Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a project, manage a team and plan an event? BUS-250 Project Management offers the proper guidelines and knowledge to help students successfully do just that! As a class, we were assigned a group fundraiser project of our choice, with a goal to raise $100 minimum. Seven of us endeavored to take on this project to help support a good cause. As the “Big Helping Hearts” team we wanted to exceed that goal.

We chose the Children’s Memorial Hospital Foundation in honor of  and to support one of our team members and all children in need of pediatric medical research. The last week of February a cookie sale was held at Kendall College with a great effort by all our team members and supporters. A big thank you to all our donors who helped us raise $557. We are very grateful and pleased with the outcome of our class project. We learned a lot while having fun, working as a team and benefiting a great cause!

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