Business students catch local organization’s attention

This past summer, a group of Kendall business students researched and developed a plan for a Chicago based non-profit organization. The project was part of course CIS 270 Technology and Innovation, where students learn how business is optimized and transformed by everything from datamining and supply chain management to mobile and collaboration technologies.

According to School of Business adjunct professor Aurora Reinke, “These students did an excellent job developing ideas that can be applied in the day-to-day duties of an organization. The team’s proposal was smartly based on the use of simple technology that required low cost and maintenance with the goal of increasing the company’s record keeping efficiency.” After the proposal was reviewed by the company’s board of directors, they invited the group leader to discuss the possibility of a future collaboration.

The students’ efforts have been praised by Dean Michelle Coussens, too. “It is with great excitement that we will follow the progress of this potential consulting project by our Business students,” she said.

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