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Can You Taste a Culinary Career?

Hungry for a career in the culinary arts? Sure, becoming a chef at a five-star restaurant is definitely a dream job, and the restaurant industry provides jobs for 13 million people (a number that increased by 2.8% in 2014). However, there’s a buffet of potential career options available outside of the restaurant kitchen with a degree in culinary arts, as our infographic below shows.

Culinary Career Infographic

Culinary Careers Guide – An infographic by the team at Kendall College’s Culinary School

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After making the decision to attend culinary school, you’ll have to decide which degree most interests you and best suits your culinary career goals. Depending on your specific interests, you may choose to pursue a cooking degree, such as a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts, an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Culinary, an A.A.S. in Baking in Pastry, or a Culinary Certificate. You could also choose to pursue a non-cooking degree such as Hospitality Management with a focus on Beverage Management, geared towards students aiming to work in specialty mixology, wine, beer and liquor, or, Restaurant and Beverage Management is for those who want to own and/or operate establishments in the food and beverage industry.

Professional opportunities in restaurants extend far beyond just an executive chef career; students just out of culinary college can pursue jobs as line cooks, pastry chefs, prep chefs, roundsmen, sous chefs, and specialty chefs. Those who enjoy cooking outside of a restaurant environment may seek work as personal chefs, professional bakers, professional caterers, or recipe developers. Potential non-restaurant careers that are still food-related may include cookware and kitchen equipment store work, food technology development, public relations/marketing, restaurant and food consulting, restaurant supply distributors, cooking school instructors, school nutrition coordinators, specialty food or grocery store work, food television or radio program hosts, and food writers or editors.

When choosing your culinary career goal, you’re not limited to just one course- in fact, you can even order off the menu by working towards a degree from Kendall College.

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