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7 Career Opportunities to Be Aware of If You’re a Hotel Management Student

Career Opportunities for Hotel Mgmt StudentEarning your degree in hospitality management makes you a prime candidate for several positions within the realm of events, conferences, hotel and resort management, business development, and more. As a hospitality management graduate you’ll have to field a wide variety of career opportunities and decide what’s the right fit for you. Here are 7 possibilities for a hotel management career you may not have considered.

Restaurant or Bar Manager

If you don’t directly transition into hotel management a position at a restaurant or bar will utilize the same skill set, and may be closer aligned to your interests if you love the creative side of cuisine.

A concentration in Restaurant Management will prepare you for the fast-paced world of restaurant and bar management. As CareerBuilder points out, many restaurant managers succeed due to their interdisciplinary skillset. In addition to hospitality and cuisine know-how you should be able to market your brand, manage inventory, and boost your presence on social media.

Event Planner

Specialize in certain events like corporate parties or weddings for a niche career that will see a constant stream of work in any metropolis. While being an event planner can be stressful, for the right personality it’s an amazing position that will always provide a variety of work and new challenges. Pulling off a successful event is truly satisfying!

Accommodation Manager

Whether in a residence hall or an elder care facility, an accommodation manager fulfills the duties of a hotel manager without the considerable customer turnaround rate. Accommodation managers in the U.S. have a terrific median salary. If you’re a team player you’ll love this position, as you will closely oversee your staff and take a lead role in training new employees.

Guest Service Agent

If you crave the personal interactions of a customer-facing position consider being a guest service agent. Concierges at luxury resorts and hotels earn a considerable sum. Guest service agents who juggle multiple job responsibilities like bookkeeping and social media management put themselves on track for advancement.

Catering Manager

Any hotel management student with a passion for food and keen sense of entrepreneurship would make an excellent catering manager. You’ll be in the thick of operations monitoring food quality and keeping the budget reasonable while delivering outstanding value to your clients. Outgoing personalities are essential.

Travel Agent

The advent of the internet is actually a great tool for elite travel agents, who plan all-inclusive holiday and travel packages for clients who would rather not do the leg work. Communication, attention to detail, and an eye for the bigger picture are essential – this position is really an event planner for vacations.

Tour Manager

If you have a love of music and a mind for organization you could thrive as a tour manager. Tour managers oversee all aspects of professional tours, from securing lodging for the artists to mediating conflicts between personnel over the course of the tour.

Within the hotel management industry there is ample room for vertical movement and growth. Large corporations are always looking for competent hires with relevant industry experience, so every year you use your hotel management degree the more attractive you become to hiring managers. Secure your future in the industry: apply to Kendall College.

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