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Inside Kendall

Relaxation Techniques to Recharge for a New School Year

The holidays are in full swing, and as another semester draws to a close the stress only continues to mount. Between final exams and the added stress of organizing family meals and outings we can transform into bundles of nerves... Read More

Dispelling Common Myths About Returning to College as an Adult

Adult LearnerAre you plugging away in your field of choice without an undergraduate degree? You may be considering returning to college to advance your career and open new opportunities that can... Read More

Top Questions to Ask at a Career Fair to Land Your First Job

At Kendall College we remain career-focused in our educational endeavors. Our programs prepare students for the real world, and as soon as you graduate you will be entering a highly competitive job market full of qualified candidates.Read More

Veterans Education Benefits: Which Program is Right for You?

USA military educationThe United States government understands the importance of obtaining a college degree. Several veterans education benefits programs exist to support servicemembers who choose to return to college and earn their degree.... Read More

Networking 101 for College Students

At KeStudents in Classroomndall College we prepare students to be ready for the world, and as part of that preparation we train students to begin setting goals and making moves from day... Read More

Military Discipline in the Kitchen: Veteran Tony Rogowski

Military experience is valuable preparation for many careers. But for a career in fine dining? At first glance, the mess hall seems antithetical to the banquet hall. Yet for Kendall alum Tony Rogowski (B.A. Culinary Arts, '17), a solid training... Read More

5 Common FAFSA Mistakes Students Make

Pursuing higher education is an integral component of securing your dream job, whether you aspire to own a booming bakery or concoct new gourmet dishes at a Michelin Three-Star restaurant. However, once you receive your admissions letter to Kendall College... Read More
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