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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Alumni Recognized by the James Beard Foundation

Six alumni of Chicago’s Kendall College have been recognized by this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards, widely considered to be the most prestigious honors given in the food industry. Kendall, ranked as Chicago’s number one school for preparing students for... Read More

How a Restaurant can “Rise” to the Occasion

Evelyn Shelton_Cul '09_rszd295By: Evelyn Shelton, chef/owner of Evelyn’s Food Love in Chicago, IL and Kendall College alumnus ‘09 I have lost track of the number of times people have called me crazy for... Read More

Kendall’s Evolutions and the Kendall – NLU Transition: An Interview with Nick Tucker, ‘71


Nick TuckerNick Tucker, Associate in Liberal Arts ‘71, is a career coach who is helping the next generation of graduates prepare for their careers. In a recent interview, Nick shared... Read More

How to Keep Kids Focused in the Classroom

Maybe your kids were expecting a snow day. Maybe summer break is just a couple of days away. Whatever the reason, sometimes your students will have trouble paying attention. Maintaining focus is an integral part of teaching preschool and kindergarten. Don’t... Read More

Tips for Writing Your First Student Resume

For many college students, writing their first professional resume before entering the job market feels like a catch-22. How can you get hired for that first position if you don’t have years of experience on a resume? Employers know that young... Read More

Incorporate Cultures into the Classroom This Holiday

Incorporating Cultures into ClassroomThe winter holidays are a time to celebrate family and the humanity that brings us all together, as well as the unique histories that make all of our... Read More

Top Questions to Ask at a Career Fair to Land Your First Job

At Kendall College we remain career-focused in our educational endeavors. Our programs prepare students for the real world, and as soon as you graduate you will be entering a highly competitive job market full of qualified candidates.Read More

Thanksgiving Activities to Entertain Your Preschoolers

While Halloween and Christmas come with prepackaged activities and themed games to make fun classroom memories, holidays like Thanksgiving can be trickier. After your students learn the basic history of the holiday, how can you keep them engaged in the... Read More

Business Alumna Embraces Change on her Career Journey

Eugenia Tibamanya left her native Uganda to attend Kendall College. After graduating from Kendall in 2012 with a B.A. in Business, she found good work opportunities and Kendall College Business Alum, Eugenia TibamanyaRead More

Hospitality Alums Open Innovative Hostel in Antigua

Love, marriage, international adventure and entrepreneurial success. That’s what a little luck and plenty of hard work brought to two Kendall alumni who met in the Hospitality Management program. Kendall College Alums Christopher Obrist &... <a href=Read More
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