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Inside Kendall

Great Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season In Chicago

Holiday Season in ChicagoThe winter holidays are about more than a break from school: this is the most charitable time of the year, when the spirit of giving moves families and... Read More

Foodies to Follow in Chicago

The vibrant economy and rich cultural life in Chicago makes it a destination for culinary experts and casual foodies. Whether you’re earning your degree at Kendall College or simply taking one-off recreational cooking classes, make the effort to learn from... Read More

Advice From the Front Lines

IMG_20160324_215923Mikaela Turner, a culinary arts student, is well on her way to becoming a star chef: In March, she competed in the Channel Your Inner Chef event at Chicago O’Hare... Read More

Building Industry Knowledge and Relationships

DSC_3192It’s a far cry from online shopping: Vendor fairs give students the opportunity to learn about the products they will use throughout their professional lives, test drive everything from knives... Read More

Beyond Green: A Full Immersion in Chicago Lessons on Sustainability

In a 2010 Harvard Business Review article David Lupin and Daniel Esty said that while executives at the time understood that their response to the challenge of sustainability would “profoundly affect the competitiveness—and perhaps even the survival—of their organizations,”... Read More

The James Beard Foundation Awards: Chicago as Center Stage


Chicago is the 2015 James Beard Award Winner

The James Beard Awards are rapidly approaching, and with them, all the excitement that comes with what has been dubbed the “Oscars of the food world.” For a food-crazed city like Chicago, the... Read More
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