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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Alumni Recognized by the James Beard Foundation

Six alumni of Chicago’s Kendall College have been recognized by this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards, widely considered to be the most prestigious honors given in the food industry. Kendall, ranked as Chicago’s number one school for preparing students for... Read More

Types of Chefs: Understanding Chef Titles and Hierarchy

The kitchen at any modern, professional eatery is run with as much efficiency as a military operation. Chef titles are designated under the French Brigade naming system (also known as the brigade de cuisine). If you aim to work in... Read More

How a Restaurant can “Rise” to the Occasion

Evelyn Shelton_Cul '09_rszd295By: Evelyn Shelton, chef/owner of Evelyn’s Food Love in Chicago, IL and Kendall College alumnus ‘09 I have lost track of the number of times people have called me crazy for... Read More

Our Top 5 Food Trends of 2017

Top 5 Food TrendsThe one constant in the food and restaurant business is change. While staples like pizza and burgers are always in ample supply many food trends of 2017 started... Read More

8 Tips to Beat the Holiday Bloat

By Monique Costello, TASTE Culinary Instructor at Kendall College Monique Costello, TASTE Culinary Instructor at Kendall College Holiday bulge… hype or reality? It’s been written over and over again that the average... Read More

Military Discipline in the Kitchen: Veteran Tony Rogowski

Military experience is valuable preparation for many careers. But for a career in fine dining? At first glance, the mess hall seems antithetical to the banquet hall. Yet for Kendall alum Tony Rogowski (B.A. Culinary Arts, '17), a solid training... Read More

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Indian Spices

The complex and fragrant dishes Indian cuisine is known for can be quite intimidating,Indian Spices - Easy Indian Recipes even for accomplished chefs. If you’re ready to try your hand at some... Read More

From the Kitchens at Kendall College: Barramundi Tacos


Barramundi Tacos with Asian Slaw & Sesame Yogurt

A recipe from Chef Christopher Koetke.Koetke Yield: 8 tacos These tacos take advantage of a sustainably produced fish that’s growing in popularity. Meanwhile, a traditional fish taco gets... Read More

5 Classic Desserts Every Baker Should Perfect

If you have a sweet tooth and a passion for baking you’re already aware of the sheer varietyheidi-hedeker of pastries and other delicious desserts that can become a part of a... Read More

Surprising Food Substitutions You Can Swap out in Your Kitchen

09/05/2017 Food Substitutions
When you’re at home or in the classroom working on a new recipe, you may find yourself an hour into the process before realizing you’re missing a vital ingredient. But don’t fret – these common food substitutions will save your... Read More
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