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Inside Kendall

Food Fusions: How It All Works


Food Fusions: How It All Works

As the world has become more interconnected – with various cultures living side-by-side, sharing traits, values, and ideas – the food we eat has also taken on this interconnected quality. Fusion foods – combining signature... Read More

When the Going Gets Tough…

Kendall_3-5639In the culinary arts, success requires a unique blend of training and talent. As dean of the culinary arts program at Kendall, the students I work with are... Read More

Why Every Student Should Seek International Experience


DSC_1998What’s happening for chefs today is monumental. I can have lunch in Mexico City and be home in time for a late dinner. Interest in international foods is growing at a... Read More

Advice From the Front Lines

IMG_20160324_215923Mikaela Turner, a culinary arts student, is well on her way to becoming a star chef: In March, she competed in the Channel Your Inner Chef event at Chicago O’Hare... Read More

Creating and Planning a Hotel Driven by Sustainability

capstone-108The room buzzed with activity: Tradeshow booths received final touches, teams held last-minute meetings, and executives, faculty and fellow students gathered in the auditorium. The 2016 Capstone Project presentations—the... Read More

Seeking the Golden Seal in Culinary Arts and Hospitality

A fervency to pursue a formal education—particularly at Kendall—binds these 2016 Dean’s Scholarships recipients. Read on to learn how each recipient is setting out to bring her passion to life. BrandyFood... Read More

Planting Roots in a Kitchen in Yellowstone National Park

IvyWith each step she’s taken—whether it is as simple as essential knife skills or fully understanding the scope and responsibilities of cold food preparation—Ivy Gengler has not only increased her... Read More

Cooking Through Italy with International Internships

RESIZED 2When Tony Rogowski joined Kendall’s fall 2014 trip to Italy with Chef Dina Altieri, who is dean of the School of Culinary Arts, and more than 20... Read More

Lookout for these 2016 Food and Beverage Trends

2016-new-year-ss-1920As the New Year begins, everyone wants to know one thing. What is going to be BIG in 2016?  Kendall College faculty members from the School of Culinary... Read More

From India to Chicago

Aashrit Presidential Scholarship recipient Aashrit Sundar’s passion for baking and pastry is palpable. Here, the new A.A.S. Baking and Pastry student from Bengaluru, India, shares how he has fueled his atypical... Read More
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