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Inside Kendall

Hygiene Habits for Kids to Reinforce in the Classroom

When you’re in charge of a classroom of young children you are one of the gatekeepers blocking viruses and infections from spreading during the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather doesn’t make illness more prevalent - it... Read More

Should I get a Teaching License?

Whether you hope to pursue a career as a shaper of young minds or desire to advance your knowledge in the teaching field, a degree in early childhood education can be extremely rewarding. Our degree program features two paths, each... Read More

How to Keep Kids Focused in the Classroom

Maybe your kids were expecting a snow day. Maybe summer break is just a couple of days away. Whatever the reason, sometimes your students will have trouble paying attention. Maintaining focus is an integral part of teaching preschool and kindergarten. Don’t... Read More

Incorporate Cultures into the Classroom This Holiday

Incorporating Cultures into ClassroomThe winter holidays are a time to celebrate family and the humanity that brings us all together, as well as the unique histories that make all of our... Read More

Classroom Organization Hacks for New Teachers

When you earn a degree in early childhood education you learn to expect the unexpected. The stress that comes with a chaotic classroom is something every new teacher must adjust to when they take their first position. With a few... Read More

Thanksgiving Activities to Entertain Your Preschoolers

While Halloween and Christmas come with prepackaged activities and themed games to make fun classroom memories, holidays like Thanksgiving can be trickier. After your students learn the basic history of the holiday, how can you keep them engaged in the... Read More

Teacher Tips: Fun Veterans Day Facts for Pre-K Students

Some holidays get all the attention. Most kids will jump into a Christmas or Halloween activity with unbridled enthusiasm, but getting them to engage with other holidays may prove challenging. Veterans Day is just around the corner, and as we honor... Read More

Classroom Layout Ideas for Preschool Teachers

Teaching early childhood education is a truly rewarding calling – you not only need to be able to connect to children and help them build their educational base, you also need to stimulate their curiosity while providing a safe environment... Read More

Educating Students and Herself

Presidential Scholarship recipient Kaylee Peters, who recently began earning a B.A. in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Special Education at Kendall, shares why continuing her education is so important to her work as an assistant director... Read More

A Labor of Love

By Dr. Águeda Benito, Kendall’s Provost When Deborah Johnson opened Restoring the Seed Childcare & Community Center in djohnson2014, she was filling a need for basic resources in the 10th Ward of... Read More
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