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Inside Kendall

Why Kendall Is Helping Entrepreneurs Build Businesses

Many of our graduates lead successful businesses. And many of our current faculty are also hardworking entrepreneurs when they aren’t in our classrooms. That’s why it made so much sense to launch Kendall’s Business Incubator this past fall. To learn... Read More

Preparing Our Students for the World

By Águeda Benito, provost of Kendall College At Kendall, we aim to include a range of perspectives in every course, both online and onkendall-012815-00493 campus, and extend an array of opportunities... Read More

Hobbies That Can Lead to Professional Skills


By Ron Stefanski, a faculty member in Kendall’s Business program While earning your degree, your number one priority to focus on is your coursework. However, if you have some spare time, consider the hobbies or activities you choose—how can they lead... Read More

Creating an International Exchange for Our Students

By Cindy McCarthy, an instructor in the School of Business As an instructor, I always seek to push my students in new ways. I want them to engage in new tasks that they find truly challenging. For this reason, I... Read More

Developing Our Students to Be Ready for the World

By Ryan Bartelmay, Dean of General Education Students at Kendall College are razor focused on their professional goals. Whether they want to don a white chef coat, join the management team of a hotel, educate children, or launch their own businesses,... Read More

Cooking around the World in Our Café

By Thomas Meyer, a chef instructor in the School of Culinary ArtsKC2017Photos1COLOR-1781 When students walk in to the café for lunch, they have an opportunity to take a “trip” around the... Read More

The Flavor Innovator

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President People don’t often think about culinary innovations in beverages, but it’s a natural topic for Chef Elaine Sikorski. As the instructor of our Flavor Theory course, she’s constantly brainstorming new approaches to any and all... Read More

Meet the faculty: Chef Massimo Bosco

By: Chef Jim DeWan You’ve been eating Chef Massimo Bosco’s excellent food for quite some time now, first in the Dining Room where he was the lunch chef and now in the café, where he helms the dinner QSR kitchen.... Read More

Creating a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

  By Heidi Hedeker, Baking and Pastry instructor, and Peggy Ryan, School of Culinary Arts instructor We know that cooking for a group can be stressful, especially when one of your family members or friends has a food allergy. According to the... Read More

Winning Strategies for Student Success

By Chef Dina Altieri, Dean of the School of Culinary Arts As a coach, I have helped students not only achieve gold medals and national recognition in competitions, but also have helped propel their motivation in the classroom and the... Read More
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