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Inside Kendall

Where in the World is Deb Popely – Part III


Part III: Reflections on the Meaning of Service

By: Deb Popely We talk a lot about the importance of delivering high levels of service in the hospitality industry.  It would not be too big a stretch to say that service is the... Read More

Where in the World is Deb Popely – Part II


Part II: The Canary Islands; a living laboratory for hospitality and tourism

As one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, the Canary Islands are a living laboratory for learning about the hospitality industry. With nearly 12 million tourist arrivals per... Read More

Where in the World is Deb Popely?

Deb Popely in EU You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been on campus since December, and there’s a good reason. This quarter, I am a visiting professor in the Tourism Management Program... Read More

Preparing Our Students for the World

By Águeda Benito, provost of Kendall College At Kendall, we aim to include a range of perspectives in every course, both online and onkendall-012815-00493 campus, and extend an array of opportunities... Read More

Developing Our Students to Be Ready for the World

By Ryan Bartelmay, Dean of General Education Students at Kendall College are razor focused on their professional goals. Whether they want to don a white chef coat, join the management team of a hotel, educate children, or launch their own businesses,... Read More

Transferring His Skills to Students in Mexico

In November, B.A. in Culinary Arts student Tony Rogowski visited seven Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) campuses in Mexico, which are all part of the Laureate International Universities network—neither as a student nor a competitor, but as a... Read More

Why Every Student Should Seek International Experience

DSC_1998What’s happening for chefs today is monumental. I can have lunch in Mexico City and be home in time for a late dinner. Interest in international foods is growing at a... Read More

Making Personal Connections Across the Globe

BUS Course (1)Becoming a "global citizen" may be a popular concept, but it’s a reality in Cindy McCarthy’s School of Business classes. The core-contributing faculty member has designed her courses... Read More

COP21 and Green Hospitality: Predictions for 2016

5DA_7080-XLThis December the World’s leaders are meeting in Paris to set goals for limiting global warming to within 2 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels.  What could this mean for the... Read More

Growth and Opportunity in China’s MICE Industry

FlagChina Hospitality Series This is the first in an ongoing series of articles about the development of China’s hospitality industry and efforts to promote sustainability in its service economy. The... Read More
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