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Inside Kendall

Kendall College goes to Italy: The Final Chapter

This post is authored by Kendall College student Kim Haines We awoke today, excited to explore the ancient city of Rome. This is what a lot of us had been waiting for. We went straight to the Colosseum, where a guided tour,... Read More

Kendall Hospitality Student Moving onto Harvard

Manthan-150x150From the Windy City to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Kendall College hospitality student and soon-to-be graduate Manthan Trivedi will soon be taking his studies to one of... Read More

English Language Institute at Kendall College

Internationality certainly is springing forward at Kendall College. We have a newly redesigned lobby that welcomes our international students and raises our awareness of all things global. We have also launched the English Language Institute, also known as the ELI.... Read More

Paula Corrêa Speaks to Kendall College School of Business

Kendall College School of Business Director Aurora Dawn Reinke visited Brazil earlier this year to meet with fellow educators and students. One of the people she met was Paula Corrêa De Menezes Leitão, a professor at Read More

Catching up with Kendall College Hospitality Alum Tanay Kapur

Tanay Kapur, Hospitality Management, Food and Beverage Management ’13, came to Kendall with a tremendous passion for the hospitality and culinary industry. However, he stumbled upon Kendall College by accident while on a family trip to Chicago. “My family was visiting... Read More

Kendall Culinary Excellence in Mexico: Trip Journal by President Emily Williams Knight

by Kendall College President Emily Williams Knight From the moment we arrived, I felt the warmth and excitement of the culinary students, faculty and staff. I am so proud of our culinary certificate program in Chicago and it was incredible to... Read More

Dispatch from Brazil: By School of Business Director Aurora Dawn Reinke

by Aurora Dawn Reinke, Director, School of Business at Kendall College In the past week, I have had the great privilege of speaking to groups of students at Universidade Potiguar (UnP) in Natal and Mossoró, Brasil.  I was invited by the... Read More

From Downtown Chicago to Down Under: Study Abroad in Australia

School of Hospitality Management student Savannah McMeekin (Hotel/Lodging Management) shares her study abroad experience at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Australia. “My favorite thing about the hospitality industry is the opportunity it gives you to travel the world,” shared... Read More

Hospitality Hot Button: Setting the Global Customer Service Standard

By Emily Williams Knight, President, Kendall College The time to travel is now Now, more than ever, is the time to tap into and become accessible for international travelers. While the formula for success varies from company to company, industry leaders should encourage... Read More

Colombian Students Take On Kendall College Recipe Challenge

Last autumn’s “Kendall Cooks Challenge” on Facebook—which invited high-school students across the United States to develop their culinary skills through a series of online, interactive recipe competitions—spurred a similar contest in Colombia through the Laureate International Universities network. For two months... Read More
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