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Inside Kendall

What Can You Do With a Hospitality Management Degree?

Whether you are a seasoned professional from another area of business or just starting out on your career plans, a degree in hospitality management is a great move to make. This kind... Read More

History of the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is nearly as old as humanity. From the earliest caves to inns, staging posts, motels, and resorts—today, the hospitality industry is thriving, with something like 187,000 hotels around the world. Below is a timeline of some important milestones in... Read More

12 Tips on Finding a Job in the Culinary, Baking & Hospitality Industries

Launching your career in the culinary, baking or hospitality industries is a time of great excitement and possibility! So many options are open to you. Here are a few tips for landing a job in your field. 1. Get a degree... Read More

Is Hospitality Management Right For Me?

People have told you for years that you are the perfect party host, nobody does it like you. You are a true people person and love it when others are enjoying themselves. Have you ever thought about studying hospitality management?... Read More

Why Is the Hospitality Industry Important?

Historically, the concept of hospitality is about receiving guests in a spirit of goodwill—especially strangers from other lands. Hospitality implies warmth, respect and even protection; it builds understanding and appreciation among cultures. The Latin root hospes is formed from hostis,... Read More

Event Planning Checklist for the Summer

Event planning can be stressful, but it can be extremely stressful if you don’t properly prepare. We are pleased to bring you this blog that focuses on putting together an event planning checklist for your next event. Whether you need a... Read More

Kendall Students Participate in the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Chicago Flower & Garden ShowThis year, Kendall students from the Event Practicum Class, had the opportunity to design a tablescape for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show at Navy Pier. The... Read More

7 Career Opportunities to Be Aware of If You’re a Hotel Management Student

Career Opportunities for Hotel Mgmt StudentEarning your degree in hospitality management makes you a prime candidate for several positions within the realm of events, conferences, hotel and resort management, business development,... Read More

Where in the World is Deb Popely – Part IV


What’s it Like to Be a Visiting Professor?

There comes a time in every visiting professor’s life when the visit must end. In my case, the end came a little sooner than expected due to an injury. Although my time was... Read More

6 Habits of Successful Event Planners

Event management and event planning are professions that require a hyper-specific skill set, tons of patience, and an organized mind that can juggle many details. If you’ve considered entering into the field of event planning you may wonder - how do... Read More
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