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Inside Kendall

Event Planning: Much More Than a Great Party

By Sarah Schmidt, Kendall’s Digital Marketing Coordinator Any experienced planner will be quick to tell you there is no typical day in their job—and that is what they love about it. Whether you work in a hotel or private planning firm,... Read More

Shaking Up the Industry as a Sommelier

08/11/2016 Group of friends a toast to the cheers of cognac or brandy.
In the competitive world of food and beverage, setting yourself apart in the hiring pool is vital. Why not do that by becoming the wine expert who has the confidence to take control of the beverage menu by pairing those... Read More

Trend Watch: Hotels Opening in Chicago Neighborhoods

07/08/2016 Chicago city downtown urban skyline with skyscrapers over Lake Michigan with cloudy blue sky.
By Theodore Mandigo and Imran Jivani Move out of the way, sharing economy: Hotels are rapidly opening in neighborhoods across Chicago—and many major cities in the U.S.—to offer specialized services to guests that come with the same neighborhood immersion and offer... Read More

Jessica Rossetti: How to Succeed as a Hospitality Student at Kendall


Jessica Rossetti, a Hospitality Management student from Plainfield, Illinois, who is specializing in Sustainable Management Practices in Hospitality and Tourism, originally came to Kendall thinking she’d enroll in its business program. Once she took a tour and started... Read More

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Left to Right - Mentor Regina Torres, Jessica Moreno, Michael Gray, Yaraliz Carrero, Victoria MontanezIt’s as if Regina Torres was born to work in the hospitality industry: She loves to... Read More

Creating and Planning a Hotel Driven by Sustainability

capstone-108The room buzzed with activity: Tradeshow booths received final touches, teams held last-minute meetings, and executives, faculty and fellow students gathered in the auditorium. The 2016 Capstone Project presentations—the... Read More

Getting Ahead in Hospitality Management

DSC_18341As dean of the School of Hospitality Management at Kendall, my open door policy allows me to interact with students on a daily basis and to keep my finger... Read More

Seeking the Golden Seal in Culinary Arts and Hospitality

A fervency to pursue a formal education—particularly at Kendall—binds these 2016 Dean’s Scholarships recipients. Read on to learn how each recipient is setting out to bring her passion to life. BrandyFood... Read More

How Professional Events and Conferences Fuel Your Career

BB 2Beverly Brownlee, a seasoned travel and tourism professional, is on the move. Although she is well-acquainted with the benefits of networking, she is rediscovering the power of education: Brownlee... Read More

Lookout for these 2016 Food and Beverage Trends

2016-new-year-ss-1920As the New Year begins, everyone wants to know one thing. What is going to be BIG in 2016?  Kendall College faculty members from the School of Culinary... Read More
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