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Inside Kendall

Travel the World with a Career in Hospitality Management

Allow your hunger for travel to facilitate your career with a degree in hospitality management. Centralized in the management and administration of hotels, resorts and convention centers, hospitality management hosts an array of career paths that can lead to new cities,... Read More

Should I get a Teaching License?

Whether you hope to pursue a career as a shaper of young minds or desire to advance your knowledge in the teaching field, a degree in early childhood education can be extremely rewarding. Our degree program features two paths, each... Read More



Beer and Food Pairings

Some food and drink just go hand-in-hand: cookies and milk, pasta and wine, and hot dogs and beer, for example. But actually, beer is such a versatile beverage that relegating it to only being paired... Read More

Chicago Food & Tourism Culture Infographic | Kendall College


Chicago: Shaping the Culinary and Hospitality Scene Yesterday and Today

A brief walk down memory lane reminds us that Chicago has played a major role in shaping the culinary and hospitality industries. From the invention of the brownie to the world's first fireproof... Read More

Chicago’s Best-Rated Ethnic Restaurants|Kendall College


Chicago's Best Ethnic Restaurants

Ask people to name what Chicago is so famous for, and they’re probably just as likely to name deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hot dogs as they are to name a Chicago landmark like the John Hancock Tower... Read More

The James Beard Foundation Awards: Chicago as Center Stage


Chicago is the 2015 James Beard Award Winner

The James Beard Awards are rapidly approaching, and with them, all the excitement that comes with what has been dubbed the “Oscars of the food world.” For a food-crazed city like Chicago, the... Read More

Can You Taste a Culinary Career?

11/24/2014 kendall-culinary-careers-thumbnail
Hungry for a career in the culinary arts? Sure, becoming a chef at a five-star restaurant is definitely a dream job, and the restaurant industry provides jobs for 13 million people (a number that increased by 2.8% in 2014). However,... Read More

The Business of Craft Beer: Styles of the Summer Infographic from Kendall College

The craft beer industry is booming. With the sales of craft beer is at an all time high, including nearly 16 million barrels of beer sold last year (nearly a 25% increase from the previous year), we pegged our panel... Read More

Top 5 Trends in Hospitality for 2014 Infographic

Kendall's School of Hospitality Management, ranked the No. 1 program in Chicago for preparing students for hospitality careers*, has released its trends outlook for the hospitality industry in 2014. According to our faculty experts, the number one hospitality industry trend for 2014... Read More
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