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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Alumni Recognized by the James Beard Foundation

Six alumni of Chicago’s Kendall College have been recognized by this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards, widely considered to be the most prestigious honors given in the food industry. Kendall, ranked as Chicago’s number one school for preparing students for... Read More

Hygiene Habits for Kids to Reinforce in the Classroom

When you’re in charge of a classroom of young children you are one of the gatekeepers blocking viruses and infections from spreading during the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather doesn’t make illness more prevalent - it... Read More

Types of Chefs: Understanding Chef Titles and Hierarchy

The kitchen at any modern, professional eatery is run with as much efficiency as a military operation. Chef titles are designated under the French Brigade naming system (also known as the brigade de cuisine). If you aim to work in... Read More

7 Career Opportunities to Be Aware of If You’re a Hotel Management Student

Career Opportunities for Hotel Mgmt StudentEarning your degree in hospitality management makes you a prime candidate for several positions within the realm of events, conferences, hotel and resort management, business development,... Read More

Graduation Countdown – How to Finish the Year Off Strong

Your final year before graduation seems to only go by faster and faster. Though you’re eagerly looking forward to getting your diploma and throwing your mortarboard up in the air you should follow these guidelines to be in the best possible... Read More

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Many people dream of becoming their own boss, but in order to become a successful entrepreneur you’ll have to think like one. If you’re ready to make the leap from being an employee to being a business owner,... Read More

Tips for the Undecided Student: 7 Degree Finder Approaches


Some students apply to college and enter their higher education knowing exactly what degree they want to pursue and what job they hope to land upon graduation. But that’s not always the case! If you’re undecided you’re not alone... Read More

A Perspective on the Proposed Transfer of Kendall College programs to National Louis University

By: Lester Lindley ‘59 Lester LindleyI attended Kendall College in the late 1950s, when it was still a junior college and joined the Kendall faculty in 1976, the year it accepted its... Read More

How to Keep Kids Focused in the Classroom

Maybe your kids were expecting a snow day. Maybe summer break is just a couple of days away. Whatever the reason, sometimes your students will have trouble paying attention. Maintaining focus is an integral part of teaching preschool and kindergarten. Don’t... Read More

Tips for Writing Your First Student Resume

For many college students, writing their first professional resume before entering the job market feels like a catch-22. How can you get hired for that first position if you don’t have years of experience on a resume? Employers know that young... Read More
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