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Inside Kendall

Spotlight on Kendall Alumni: Greg Baxtrom

With a degree from Kendall College our alumni can gain the expertise and the resume necessary to set them apart in a competitive industry. Kendall alumni like Greg Baxtrom (Culinary Arts, Class of 2005) harness their unbridled passion for culinary innovation to make their mark in fiercely competitive restaurant hot spots like Brooklyn.

Greg Baxtrom worked in many reputable kitchens after graduating from Kendall College, including Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Per Se, Alinea, and Lysverket in Norway. While at Atera he met his current collaborator, horticulturist and farm owner Ian Rothman. Chef Baxtrom shared a vision with Rothman to create a more sustainable food system in the form of a restaurant.

Together, Baxtrom and Rothman opened Olmsted in Brooklyn last year. Olmsted marks Baxtrom’s first experience as a restaurant owner, but that hasn’t stopped his passion project from being showered with critical and public acclaim. Under Baxtrom’s direction, Olmsted sticks to an ever-rotating vegetable-heavy menu that finds inspiration in the local produce of Brooklyn.

While many restaurants focus on the phrase “farm-to-table,” that journey is truly a short one for the cuisine of Olmsted. Many of the fresh produce and ingredients in Olmsted’s dishes come straight from a garden in the backyard of the restaurant featuring peas, lavender, radishes, and even a flock of quail and live crayfish.

The ambition of Baxtrom’s restaurant, nestled in Prospect Heights, has quickly gained plenty of press. New York Eater raved that Olmsted is “the neighborhood restaurant we’ve all been dreaming of,” while the New York Times marveled at how Baxtrom works to keep his menu as affordable as possible while displaying the level of inventiveness common in the most elite fine-dining establishments. Olmsted was also featured on Eater’s “Hottest Restaurants in Brooklyn Right Now” list when it opened.

Clearly, this sustainable and approachable restaurant is just the beginning for Kendall alumnus Greg Baxtrom. We can’t wait to see what he and his partners are cooking up next. Equip yourself with the skills and experience like Greg Baxtrom, class of ‘05, acquired at Kendall College: find out more about our educational opportunities today.

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