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Inside Kendall

Coming Soon: New Dining Room Kitchen

Guests of The Dining Room at Kendall College will soon be treated to a new dining experience, where only a glass partition will separate them from the kitchen where their food is being prepared! Construction for the new Dining Room kitchen began on October 5 in what was formerly the Capitanini Banquet Room on the third floor.

Currently, student servers have to travel 150 feet from the Dining Room to the kitchen. Not only will the new adjacent kitchen be more convenient, it also creates an opportunity to convert the old kitchen into an additional teaching kitchen.

Incorporated into the new Dining Room kitchen will be a small student-run delicatessen which will be open during the day for students as part of their meal plan. In addition, a new banquet room will be built in former storage space, which will also serve as a seating area for the new delicatessen at lunchtime.

Projected completion date is early winter quarter. The new Dining Room kitchen will feature Electrolux equipment and a new kitchen hood system by Halton Hoods.

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