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Inside Kendall

Cooking Antiques Now on Display at Kendall

Kendall has been proud host to the “Culinary Curiosity Exhibition: The Mel and Janet Mickevic Collection” since January. The seven displays, located throughout the school, focus on themes and highlight the principles of food preparation and cooking, such as size reduction, fuel conservation, heat transfer and extrusion, according to which the collection is organized and interpreted.

Melvin Mickevic, an MIT-educated food scientist and entrepreneur, engineered innovations in food-processing technologies and production methods. His curiosity drew him to collect manually operated devices that represent technical ingenuity. Mel and Janet Mickevic donated nearly 300 artifacts to Kendall College to inspire learning and creativity. The tools, ranging from agricultural implements and commercial equipment to items used by the home cook, demonstrate timeless food preparation tasks that are done today with modern, yet often similar, equipment.

The exhibit is free and open to the public for self-guided tours.

Read more about how Kendall came to host the Culinary Curiosity exhibition in The Reader.

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