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Inside Kendall

Culinary Arts student competes in Chaine des Rotisseurs Jeunes Commis regional competition

The 10th annual Chaine des Rotisseurs Jeunes Commis (Young Chef) market basket style competition was held Saturday, February 19 here at Kendall College. The winner of the event was School of Culinary Arts student Anna Marie Sosi, who did an amazing job in the kitchen and whose food was spectacular! She will move onto the Regional Competition in Cincinnati on March 19, where she will compete against students from eight other schools.

Each competitor is given an identical mystery “market basket” containing a few key ingredients, and designs and prepares a three-course meal to serve four people using those ingredients—all in four hours time! Such is the challenge given young cooks competing in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Jeunes Commis Rôtisseur Competition.

The first competition was organized in 1977 in Switzerland to support and promote future young chefs by giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Competitions are held at regional, national and international levels in countries around the world that have a strong Chaîne presence. The competition was started in 1990 in the United States and continues to grow every year.

Good luck, Anna!

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