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Inside Kendall

Culinary Arts Students Visit China

A group of eight culinary-arts students recently had the trip of a lifetime when they went on a two-week culinary and cultural journey through China from September 18 – October 2.

The students spent the first week in Shanghai as tourists visiting restaurants, hotels and food markets. They then flew to the city of Changsha, where they visited another school in the Laureate network. Each student had two Chinese students that were with them at all times as translators. The first day they received an introduction to traditional Chinese cuisine, followed by a series of mystery basket cooking competitions. The students also had the opportunity to visit Oriental Cooking School, one of the most reputable private cooking schools in China, where they were treated to a variety of cooking demonstrations and then had to recreate the dishes.

According to Michel Coatrieux, the Kendall chef instructor who accompanied the students on the trip, he thinks that the biggest takeaway for them was that “you see that regardless of where you are cooking, you need passion and dedication. They learned that while these chefs may approach cuisines slightly different than we do, we all share the same passion for serving good food.”

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