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Inside Kendall

Cultivating Collaborative Relationships

2015 CAFE Kendall College Green Award hirezAt Kendall, we know how powerful industry connections and collaboration can be. Since 2009, we’ve worked with the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education (CAFÉ), in part to present the Green Awards in recognition of secondary and post-secondary culinary arts and baking/pastry programs that innovate. Recent recipients have started robust recycling and aquaculture programs, and introduced food and energy technologies. We’ve also built great relationships with top culinary and hospitality employers by actively engaging with recruiters, chefs, and management teams through ongoing internships, employer spotlights, and career fairs.

Like all good relationships, the ones Kendall has built with organizations in Chicago and across the globe require work. We must each clearly define our roles and expected contributions, as well as areas of collaboration. For example, a restaurant would never hire two executive chefs. The manager may, however, hire one savory and one pastry executive chef. They have different, yet complementary skills—and hold each other accountable to make positive, lasting progress in the field in innovative ways. That’s what good colleagues do, both on an individual and organizational level.

In June, CAFÉ will do what they do best by bringing food service educators together for a day of innovative programming at their annual Leadership Conference. We’ll complement this at Kendall by hosting the event, offering a master class on knife skills and a session on “educators as coaches,” and by bringing back one our graduates who has accomplished so much with her education, Chef Beverly Kim.

Education is our core competency at Kendall. Our industry partners look to us to share expertise that will shape the future of the industry. We’re training students to be career-ready and future leaders of their fields. The education Kendall provides prepares students for these roles.

We’re working to build connections and find new ways to engage our colleagues in the industry so we can continue to give our students greater access to hands-on learning. We are passionate about building strong relationships, which is why we provide members of the culinary and hospitality industries opportunities to identify top talent and to develop innovative practices they can immediately.

Would you like to see Kendall embark on a new, innovative partnership? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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