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Inside Kendall

Catrett Gives Presentation at HotelWorld Expo & Conference

Jeffrey Catrett, Dean of the Les Roches School of Hospitality Management at Kendall, was selected to speak at the popular HotelWorld Expo & Conference in March 2009, thanks to his insight on the impact that retiring Baby Boomers will have on the hospitality industry.

As Catrett explained, as Baby Boomers age, intelligent and innovative hospitality businesses should be both creating and caring in meeting the sweeping changes this graying population will demand. To date, not enough thought has been devoted to the needs of older guests. Dean Catrett provided an overview of the expectations of this important and growing Boomer market segment, while highlighting mistakes made by the healthcare industry to draw parallels on how the hospitality industry can avoid the same pitfalls. He shared insight and advice on what the hospitality industry can do to prepare for and better serve the growing number of aging Baby Boomers.

Click here to read more about Dean Catrett’s aging Baby Boomer topic in the March/April 2009 issue of the Center for the Advancement of Food Service Education’s (CAFE) Gold Medal Classroom.

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